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  • Alex ab Barrera

I have been working in the Marketing and Advertising field for close to 20 years. The pace of innovation in my industry and in digital media has been growing incrementally over the years, but keeping up hasn't been an issue. Print, online, television, radio, mobile and social media, I have been exposed to it all and I have always excelled, whether it be as a lead designer or as support. Challenges are part of the job and I embrace them willingly.

"Great organizations are not only built by the hard work, dedication and talent of those they employ, but by the responsibility and trust they impart on those individuals."

As a creative in today's world, you have to find the balance between aesthetics and analytics. I have been both a student and a teacher throughout my career, experiencing both lows and highs along the way, all of which have shaped me into a more efficient, patient, smarter and well-rounded designer.

I am always looking for ways to not only improve as a creative, but also how to refine operating procedures and increase efficiencies, all while minimizing waste.

As a self-motivated individual, I thrive when working with others who are as passionate about their profession as I am.

If you would like to work with me on a project or hire me, email me at: alexabbarrera1@gmail.com.